Daily Buzz 5.13.11

    Kelly Rowland presents herself

    Just as her current single, "Motivation" hits #3 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, Kelly Rowland has revealed the title of her new album.

    After months of wondering, Kelly announced in a press release that she’s named her upcoming project, Here I  Am.

    Last year, Kelly launched a contest on her website where fans could suggest album names, but it’s not clear whether Here I Am was one of the suggested titles. 


    Omarion covers Aaliyah

    Omarion paid homage to Aaliyah by covering her classic ballad, "One In A Million." The track, to be featured on his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape titled The Awakening, starts off with a man speaking about how he’s dealt with Aaliyah’s passing before Omarion starts his version of Aaliyah’s memorable tune.  


    NeNe’s got a new man

    NeNe Leakes might not be divorced yet, but she’s already moving on with her love life. During her visit to "The Wendy Williams Show" yesteray, Wendy dished that NeNe has a new man in her life, but it seems the reality TV star may have had to downsize to get an upgrade.

    What about her ties to hubby Gregg Leakes, though? NeNe updates everyone about her marital status in the video below.



    Clifton Powell threatens Spike Lee

    Clifton Powell is ready to pop director Spike Lee for talking smack about Tyler Perry.

    During a recent chat on "The Russ Parr Morning Show," Clifton went in on Spike when asked about the deuling directors. While he agrees that Tyler’s films are a little "n!g*erish" and contain "buffoonery," he sides with Tyler simply for the fact that the Atlanta movie mogul supports Black actors.

    "I don’t like Spike, for real. I’m just saying it publicly on the radio. Spike is a hater," Clifton said before accusing Spike of not paying his people fairly for their work on his joints. "He kept all the money, there was lawsuits against him."

    Althouth Clifton has never worked with Spike, and insists he wouldn’t want to after hearing horrific rumors from those who have, he shared his own experiences trying out for the director, whom he branded as "the worst."

    "I don’t like Spike Lee because I don’t like his politics as it pertains to how he deals with African Americans. I’ve auditioned for Spike several times, he kept all of us waiting for hours. It was insulting," Clifton said seconds before issuing a threat directly at Spike. "He needs to go sit his punk a– down. If you got a problem with it, Spike, I’m right here and I’ll beat your punk a*s."




    — Sonya Eskridge



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