Daily Buzz 5.16.11

    Raven-Symoné shares weight-loss secret

    During her last visit to "The Wendy Williams Show," Raven-Symoné shared the secret that helped her whittle down her waistline.

    "I stopped stressing," the actress said, revealing that she is a stress-eater. "You have to realize that at 15, there was a whole entire show that I had on my shoulders."

    Raven explained that if she was sick for a day, people lost money. And with as many people working on the Disney sitcom as her show, "That’s So Raven," had, it was a lot to handle. "Normal 15-year-olds worry about who’s going to invite them to the prom, but I was worried about taxes," Raven said.

    How much work did Raven put in at the gym? Find out in the video below.


    Oprah is Broadway-bound

    Although Oprah has a lot on her plate, she’s getting ready to pursue her dreams of appearing on Broadway.

    The Chicago Tribune reports that O is talking toproducers and directors for several different shows.

    “I have a stack of plays in my bag right now that I am reading,” Oprah said. “And just this past weekend, I was in New York meeting with producers. We were just talking about what would be the best route to take. But yes, this is really going to happen … Life is too short.”


    Kelly Rowland explains delay

    Kelly Rowland’s upcoming album Here I Am didn’t get held up by the label. As the "Motivation" singer explains, the studio projet came together in phases and she didn’t feel it would have been complete without some of the newer material.

    "I know that some of y’all were not very happy with me, but it was the best thing to happen to this album," Kelly said in the video, where she also dishes on who she’d love to get in the studio with.




    Lauryn pays tribute to Bob Marley


    She’s such a star in her own right that sometimes fans forget that Lauryn Hill married into the Marley family.

    The Grammy-winner paid respect to the late grandfather of her children with a performance on “Jimmy Fallon” last week.

    L-Boogie offered up two Bob classics, “Could You Be Loved” and “Chances Are.”




    Ludacris dispels marriage rumors


    After nearly a week of silence, Ludacris tweeted a message that disputes the recent rumors that he’s married.

    “I’ve learned so much about myself this past 2 years thru rumors, can u pls make up some more cause I can’t wait 2 c what happens 2 me next!” the rapper wrote last week.

    Recently, the gossip blogs have been reporting that the “Get Out the Way” artist had secretly wed his girlfriend model Eudoxie.


    Apparently, the rumors started as a result of a Twitter post by Luda’s cousin, Monica, who referred to Eudoxie as her cousin.



    — Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott




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