Hoopz scores in fashion game


    Clothes might not make the man, but Hoopz’s makeover of boyfriend Shaquille O’Neal has made her a sought-after designer.

    The “Flavor of Love” season 1 winner has launched a line that will offer stylish fashions for large men like Shaq.

    “He’s a big guy, but he has a great body. [Shaq’s] super sexy,” said Hoopz, who doesn’t mind her man showing off his physique.

    Hoopz, whose real name is Nicole Alexander, teamed up with Shaq’s tailor about a year ago and folks have noticed how the NBA player’s style game has improved.

    Her fashions are now in demand. “Everyone went crazy,” she said, referring to the feedback she received when Shaq wore her hooded blazer design on a late-night talk show. “There was like all types of requests,” she added.

    In addition to the fashion line, Hoopz has already been working on positioning herself as a health and fitness expert, a feat that might be chronicled in an upcoming reality show about her life.

    Find out more about Hoopz’s pursuits below. Watch.




    -Tracy L. Scott



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