‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 16

    Couple: Hines & Kym
    Dance: Salsa
    Score: 30

    Although Hines and Kym kept it much lighter for their Salsa on Monday, it is not a game for the ambitious pair.

    What the routine lacked in flashy tricks, Hines and Kym more than made up for in technique. They really expressed a fun, joyful attitude that we’ve missed since their Samba in week three. Sure they’ve done other great routines throughout the season, but this is a presence that has been absent from their dances for weeks.

    Hines and Kym held the audience’s attention for their second routine of the night by just making sure that they out-shined even the lights in the ballroom. And it wasn’t just their smiles; this pair practiced hard to get all the footwork down.

    The work paid off because instead of just looking like he was imitating what he thought a Salsa should kinda-sorta look like, he was doing the actual moves.


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