Jagged Edge delivers ‘Remedy’

    After over a decade of bringing the best in love ballads, Jagged Edge is back with their seventh album, The Remedy.

    Currently on a promo tour, the group is looking forward to two huge album release parties in Miami and Atlanta. They will be appearing on "The Mo’Nique Show" and "106 and Park" in the near future.

    “Overall, the tour has been good,” member Brandon Casey told S2S. “We feel like we’ve been missed”.

    Jagged Edge’s album is definitely a “cure” for the industry.  

    “We were sitting back for a while listening to people say, ‘The radio ain’t the same, the music ain’t the same.’ We feel like those people who are missing that, not knocking anyone’s music , but this album is the remedy,” Brandon said. “What we do is still influenced by other trends [and] we keep it appropriate, but the challenge is to integrate.”

    “To be honest, and not to sound rash, Jagged Edge is not concerned about other groups in the industry staying around or not,” said member Kyle Norman. “We look up to Jodeci, but [we] stay true to ourselves and have an obligation to our fans. We want to go down in history among those groups who are household names.”

    With The Remedy, Jagged Edge is back and has no plans of slowing down. After 10 plus years in the industry the quartet is stronger than ever.

    “What keeps Jagged Edge together is the level of respect we have each other and the love of the music,” Kyle explained.  “It’s not easy if you’re not on one accord. We have one common goal.  Stay together and remain tight with each other, because at the end of the day, we love each other."

    Their goal is continue to produce mature and relevant music for everyone to enjoy.
    “We have a responsibility to give [fans] something you can apply to your life and give you something positive,” said  Wingo.

    To keep Jagged Edge around, Brandon has a request for the fans. “I have two things to say to the fans,” he said. “One we love ya’ll, and two, we have to keep the artists we love at the top.”



    — Corbin Robinson




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