Sparks fly at ‘Love & Hip Hop’ reunion


    The season 1 reunion of "Love & Hip Hop" didn’t so much resolve issues as it left viewers hanging.

    It had been months since Chrissy Lampkin, Olivia, Somaya Reece and Emily Bustamente were in the same room. And it seemed that the drama between them didn’t stop just because the first season came to a close.

    When the ladies (minus Mashonda) met up for the reunion, which aired last night, there were fights and tears. But when the topic of relationships came up, things really got ugly. Emily and Olivia rehashed an argument from the beginning of the series while discussing the validity of their relationships.


    Although Chrissy’s got a better idea of her relationship status, she’s still not clear on when she’s getting an upgrade.

    Jim Jones, who wasn’t wearing his engagement ring, said he’s got a wedding date in mind. It was an announcement that was news to everyone, including Chrissy who’s been trying to get the rapper to set a date since she put a ring on his finger last summer.

    The fact that Chrissy and Jim’s mom, Nancy, don’t get along doesn’t make things any easier on her. They last time Chrissy and Nancy got together there was a huge blowup, and from the looks of the video below nothing has changed.


    Through all of last night’s arguments, Monday night’s reunion lacked a sense of closure on many of the ladies’ issues. Fans looking for a resolution, however, will be glad to know that "Love & Hip Hop" has been picked up for a second season set to air later this year.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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