Vivica Fox: Why she said ‘yes’

    Vivica Fox is explaining why she chose a much younger man when it comes to her love life.

    No one is sure what made Vivica Fox, 46, say “yes” to a man 20 years her junior when he proposed. In fact, many in the public are skeptical as to whether or not Atlanta club promoter and fiancé, Omar “Slim” White, 27, is using Vivica. But stop the worrying, it’s just harmless chemistry.

    “They say when you’re not looking sometimes that’s when love happens and that’s what happened,” Vivica tells Access Hollywood Live. While discussing her wig line, Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection, she flashed an 8-carat diamond ring. “This cougar is off the market,” Vivica said.

    According to Vivica, the two lovebirds met when she was hired to do a photo shoot at his club. There, Vivica spotted something she likes: Slim. “Kind of pretty, hot and tempting,” Vivica recalls her thoughts. And although she likes what she sees, Vivica rejected Slim, who then asked for a number. 

    Living the single life for 3 years, Vivica let the thought of giving him a chance linger. “It took me four days to work up the courage to ask for his number and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since," she said.

    And about a year later on December 26, Slim proposed to Vivica at Ritz-Carlton in Miami’s South Beach. This was months after the couple went their separate ways back in August due to fast decision-making, but a day later considered reuniting.

    Vivica revealed that the wedding date will be some time late Fall or in 2012. Adding to their plan, Vivica said that she wants children. “Soon. I need to my clock’s ticking…real bad." Vivica admitted.




    — Tiara Kennedy




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