Tamar Braxton talks plastic surgery

    Tamar Braxton has always wanted to be a star, but all the speculation about her plastic surgery? OverIt.com!

    In a recent chat with BitchieLife.com, Tamar admitted that she’s had a nose job, but only because there was a medical need to get it.

    "I was born with no cartilage in my nose, and it made breathing very difficult. And the snoring?! Oh My God," she said. "So I’ve had a couple surgeries: the first time they put an implant in and I had to have it removed—so eventually they took some cartilage from my ear and put it in my nose. Oh and that hurt!"

    Apparently, it’s a condition that runs in the family as her dad also had to get his nose fixed. Her sister Toni Braxton’s had it done, too. That said, Tamar doesn’t see anything wrong with getting a little something done just for vanity’s sake.

    "I believe everyone should do anything they need to do to make themselves feel good," Tamar stated. "It’s the same reason why people don’t just eat whatever they want. They don’t want to be fat as hell. You don’t want to look like a Hotmess.com! So you do things to fix it … Plastic surgery is the exact same thing."

    Although Tamar woudn’t confirm whether or not she’s signed a deal ("You’ll have to watch the show," she plugged), but she did tell fans what they can expect from her music.

    "I’m all over the place! I’m a little rock, a little soul and I’m someone’s wife, so I have to make sure I’m presented in a respectable way," Tamar said. "I can’t be gyrating on stage half-naked. I’m like Adele meets Lauryn Hill…in a pantsuit."

    Hmmm … could an album be around the corner? Only time will tell! But Tamar fans will likely get their answer when season 2 of "Braxton Family Values" airs next year.



    — Sonya Eskridge



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