Beyonce unveils video, album cover

    Beyoncé’s doing a two-for-one as she unveils the long-awaited video for "Who Run The World (Girls)" and the cover of 4.

    Bey, who announced that 4 would be dropping on June 28, hit up Wednesday night’s "American Idol" to debut "Who Run The World (Girls)."

    The video is set in what appears to be a post-apocolyptic wasteland as men and women fight each other for control. If at least two men have joined Bey’s ranks, as they have in the video, it’s pretty safe to say that the women are winning this battle. Not to mention, you don’t want to mess with a woman who can keep wild hyenas in line simply by snapping their chain-link leashes.

    As Beyoncé fans have come to expect, the video is filled with impressive steps varying in difficulty. Who else could possibly establish their dominance with choreography?

    "Who Run The Wold (Girls)" is the first single from 4, which will stand out on store shelves thanks to its provocative album cover. The album art, posted below, is a new and unexpected direction for Bey.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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