Gayle King won’t try to replace Oprah


    Gayle King has a talk show of her own, but she entertains no dreams of filling the void that will be left by BFF Oprah Winfrey, who’s soon walking away from her daytime show.

    “I have never for one moment thought I could do what Oprah does. No show can be ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show, including the Gayle King Show.’ Oprah has a very special, unique gift that nobody can duplicate,” Gayle told ABC’s “Nightline.”

    Gayle seems pretty satisfied helping sustain Oprah’s dreams by serving as an editor-at-large for O Magazine. Her show is also part of the OWN lineup.

    “I’m not going to act like I have job security,” said Gayle, who doesn’t think her friendship with Oprah guarantees her a spot with the network. “I think the only person who can’t get fired is Oprah. I don’t think Oprah can get fired at the Oprah Winfrey Network.”

    Although her claim to fame is “Oprah’s best friend,” Gayle said she doesn’t feel as though she’s living in Oprah’s shadow. “I really do see myself standing in her light,” Gayle clarified.

    That’s a pretty bright light to be standing in, but Gayle assures that she’s not envious of her best friend.

    “I think you’re only jealous if you’re not happy with your own life.”

    Gayle also addresses the lesbian rumors. Watch.



    -Tracy L. Scott




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