Karis Duran is stepping out

    Music runs in Karis Duran’s blood and he’s sharing his gift with his new single "Well, Well, Well."

    For multi-talented rapper/songwriter, Karis Duran (aka K.D.) it was only right to pursue music. “It was nothing to wake up in the morning to Earth, Wind & Fire. it was nothing to wake up to the Temptations, Dramatics, Commodores,” he told S2S.

    And yes, that is a sample of “For the Love of you” from the Isley Brothers in the Ohio native’s latest single, “Well, Well, Well.” Produced by Kyle Bynoe and Paul Anthony, this mellow rap song is strictly for the ladies.

    Although he had a father for a bass player, a mother and grandmother for singers, K.D. is the first to step into the spotlight.

    “There’s not too many people in my family, who actually stepped out and took the chance as far as jumping out into the music industry,” he said. And now that he has moved from the chair to the booth (Karis is founder of the successful K Money Entertainment hip-hop record label) K.D. is showing he has heart to make it.
    However, K.D. hasn’t left behind his artist and right-hand man, rapper Hustle Man (current single “She Fine, She Sexy”), who, with K.D., makes a modern-day Michael and Jermaine Jackson. “I don’t feel comfortable without my brother being next to me," he said.

    But K.D. and Hustle Man both understand that business is most important. “Business first, friendship last," Karis said.

    And currently on the road, K.D. is making his dreams happen. Mixed with a Southern and Midwestern style, K.D. already has five singles in the oven, including two club bangers, “Just Breathe” and “Strip Tease."

    Karis is not only making us dance but uplifting us with his single, “Meant for Greatness”. “You work hard, you hustle, you get what you can get and keep it pushing," he said. Passionate, music-lover K.D. is definitely moving forward.



    — Tiara Kennedy




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