Tia Mowry’s baby bump makes her tired

    Tia Mowry is pretty sure she’s having a boy, but being pregnant is wearing her out.

    In a recent chat with the TheBump.com, Tia revealed that she wasn’t trying to get any delivery-room surprises when it came to her baby’s gender.

    "It’s a boy! I needed to know the gender–I couldn’t wait to find out until birth," Tia said. Thankfully she and hubby Cory Hardrict hadn’t decorated the  baby’s room in pink when they got that news.

    "It was actually pretty funny because we were first told that there was an 85 percent chance that the baby was a girl," the actress recalled. "But during another ultrasound, the doctor said, ‘Wait a minute! That’s definitely a boy!’"

    Taking that close call into consideration, she’s not comfortable buying up a lot of blue things. "The whole gender debacle is still in the back of my mind, so our nursery is a neutral pale yellow and buttercream, just in case," Tia shared.

    Another big surprise for "The Game" actress is how much energy pregnancy requires.

    "I had no idea I would be this tired! I’d love to get 15 hours of sleep each night, but that’s not realistic," Tia said. Unfortunately, she can’t recharge her battery the conventional way with coffee or energy drinks. Instead, she tries to sneak in as many naps as possible and loads up on her veggies. "Eating greens has helped a little bit, but I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’m going to be tired."

    But as tired as she is, Tia said, "I feel sexy, empowered and strong being pregnant! I feel like I can do anything."

    And what about those naked pics Tia took a few weeks ago to commemorate her pregnancy? "I’ve had a lot of friends who’ve gone through miscarriages, which made me realize that being pregnant and having a baby is a real miracle," she explained. "I wanted to celebrate the whole experience of being pregnant."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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