Cynthia Bailey talks marriage, past loves

    Cynthia Bailey and hubby Peter Thomas, the newlywed couple on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” talked to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about their past relationships and married life.
    Peter, who boasts that he stole Cynthia from Russell Simmons, joked, “I was always better-looking."
    Cynthia described Russell’s pursuit as “borderline stalking,” and while that was going on, Peter was dating actress Nia Long. “I met shorty, and I talked to her, and she’s an island girl. She’s from Trinidad. Her mother’s from Trinidad,” said Peter, who claims that upon meeting him, Nia asked him to cancel his travel plans and stay in town with her.
    The fun-loving couple also discussed their financial problems, which were a recurring theme on season 3 of “RHOA.”
    Watch the clips below and get more on the couple in the June 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.







    -Tracy L. Scott




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