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    Jamie Foster Brown is often referred to as “The Barbara Walters of Print.” She is publisher and sole owner of Sister 2 Sister magazine. Her talent, tenacity and toughness have made her one of the most prominent Black women in entertainment journalism and her monthly publication a staple for those who thirst for Black celebrity news. Since launching Sister 2 Sister in September 1988, she has become the consummate confidante to the stars and is often the first to get interviews with major celebrities.

    Mrs. Brown began her career in entertainment when she founded the Washington Theater Group, a service group focusing on theater group sales. Later, she worked for Black Entertainment Television as an advertising secretary to its founder, Robert Johnson, and was subsequently promoted to producer for BET’s flagship shows, “Video Soul” and “Video LP.”

    Since her modest beginnings, Mrs. Brown has proven herself to be more than just another female journalist with a quick wit. Making the crossover from pop to politics, she was selected by Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics to be its keynote speaker on the effect of popular music on American culture. Her open moral outrage over the excessive violence in gangster rap lyrics and its increasing, negative influence on young people served as the catalyst that began dialogue between members of Black leadership and music industry moguls. She was also entered in the Congressional Record as “one of the most accomplished and respected women in the field of entertainment journalism,” and the mayor of Washington, DC, officially named August 18, 1998, “Jamie Foster Brown Day” in the nation’s capital.

    Now a 22-year veteran in the publishing industry, Mrs. Brown is frequently quoted by major news organizations all over the world.  Her quotes have appeared in People magazine, the Associated PressEntertainment Weekly, USA Today, on “EXTRA,” ABC News.com, “Celebrity Justice,” and numerous local newspapers, radio and TV stations across the globe. Even the Indian website OnlyPunjab.com quoted Brown’s 2004 interview with rapper Lil’ Kim, while the New Zealand Herald and UK Flava quoted her 2005 interview with Shar Jackson.  Newsweek magazine once lauded Mrs. Brown’s influence as one of the nation’s top buzz makers along with such notables as Oprah Winfrey, Regis Philbin, Madonna and Charlie Rose.
    Mrs. Brown is frequently invited on radio and television programs for her charm and energetic delivery of entertainment’s controversies and triumphs.  Syndicated talk show hosts Steve Harvey, Russ Parr and Doug Banks consistently feature her on their shows, while Court TV (now tru TV), CNN, MSNBC and big television programs like “Access Hollywood,” “Entertainment Tonight” and “Inside Edition” keep her on their radar for hard-to-get information.

    Mrs. Brown was honored at the Midwest Radio & Music Association for her lifelong commitment to enriching the lives of others through her work. The Support Network also honored her for educating young people through her magazine and on radio networks. She has also received the Anheuser Busch Eagle Award as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Award for Outstanding African-American Women in the ’90s.

    Mrs. Brown is a graduate of the University of Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden.  In 2008, she received a Doctorate in Humane Letters from Bennett College. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she currently lives in Maryland with her husband, Lorenzo Brown, who is an economist and the managing editor of Sister 2 Sister magazine. Their two sons, Randy and Russell Brown, are, respectively, associate publisher and business operations manager for Sister 2 Sister.


    4 thoughts on “About S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown

    1. I would like to speak with someone about covering the Atlanta Celeb Fest which is also hosting Quinton Aaron (Big Mike from the Blind Side with Sandra Bullock) 30th Celebrity Birthday Bash…Please visit our website

    2. Hi Jamie,

      I hope and pray things are well with you. I have been a recipient of S2S for many years and it is definitely one of my favorite magazines. Recently, I called in to customer service regarding me not receiving the issue with “Mary Mary” on the cover. The first time I called I was told it would be sent out shortly, after not receiving it I called back and was spoken to in an awful way by a supervisor named Claudia. I was very hocked and felt violated. She went on to say that the issue was not in print anymore and very rudely stated that she couldn’t do anything about it…I was really looking forward to this issue in particular and am very disappointed in how I was treated over this matter. I assure you that I was as nice as I could be attempting to resolve this matter Unfortunately, this has prompted me to discontinue my subscription when it expires. Again, I respect you highly and wish you all the best. Denise

    3. I have been having problems with receiving my issues & when I try to contact someone about it I get no reply. I will not be renewing my subscription but I do wish you continued success.

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