Swizz Beatz talks ‘Detox’

    Swizz Beatz said Dr. Dre fans should just "chill out" until the West Coast rapper is ready to drop his latest creation.

    Hip-hop lovers’ ears have been aching to hear what Dr. Dre will create in the lab ever since news of his upcoming album, Detox, broke. Swizz Beatz, who just worked with Dre on Detox, said fans shouldn’t rush a master.

    "Dre has amazing songs and I think everything is worth the wait. He’s a genius, he’s a legend and it’s just no getting around that," he said. "Everybody just gotta chill out and let that man do his thing. He’s a master at what he does, hands down."

    All together, Dre and Swizz created four songs together on Detox, but Siwzz doesn’t know if any of them will make it to the final cut. Right now the producer is just soaking up the fact that he even got into the studio with Dre.

    "It’s just been a great experience for me, whether they go on the album, whether they don’t go on the album," Swizz told MTV News before revealing that he’s secured one of the tracks for his upcoming album Haute Living. "’V.I.P. Chillin’,’ I took that one for myself, but I would gladly give it back to him anytime he wants it."

    The producer also marvelled at how Dre was working this time around, and he thinks it will add something really special to the new studio project. "He’s energetic. He’s vibing in a way that you’ve never heard him before," Swizz assured. "So even if he don’t put that one particular track out, I’m blessed to have the blessing from him to have it for my album."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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