Basketball wives share season 2 regrets

    Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams have a few moments from the last season of "Basketball Wives" they’d like another shot at.

    Evelyn and Jen know that season 3 of "Basketball Wives" is going to be explosive. "There’s definitely some fights," Jen said. 

    "I think when you put all of us together, [and] we’re together all the time, it’s bound to happen," Evelyn reasoned.

    From what we’ve seen, the knock-down, drag-out drama may even top the season 2 finale. Heck, previews for the new season show someone having to hold Royce Reed back from an altercation and she’s usually the one trying to smooth out different situations.

    Speaking of the season 2 finale, Evelyn said she’s sorry about not coming to castmate Tami Roman sooner with the revelation that she’d had an affair with Tami’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson. "I think that’s probably one of the regrets," Evelyn admitted.

    "I try not to live with regrets," Jen said, noting that watching season 2 was a little tough for her because it chronicles the breakdown of her marriage to Eric Williams. "I think I regret having that whole divorce talk on camera because it’s something that’s private."

    But according to the reality stars there are some good things about the new season. And who do they think is hot in the NBA right now? Find out below.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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