‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 23

    Couple: Hines & Kym
    Dance: Freestyle
    Score: 30

    Ummm…we LOVE that Hines put on an HBCU-style halftime show for his freestyle!  Love it!

    While it’s not what us halftime afficianados have come to expect from a field show, we appreciate that he did his best, which wasn’t bad. And it was absolutely our favorite freestyle of the night.

    The freestyle is the make-or-break dance for any star who makes it to the finale. Over the years, we’ve seen some routines that left us feeling a little more than underwhelmed. This was not one of those dances, and it brought something truly unique to the ballroom. Who else would bring the field to the dance floor?!

    Hines waited much of the season to incorporate his sport into one of his dances and we appreciate that because it meant that he was trying to showcase his hard work instead of  gimmicky gridiron references.

    And we’ve got to love Kym, who practiced in a neck brace, for still trying tricks most others in her situation would not attempt.

    Although Hines lacked a lot of polish in this freestyle (we’d have liked to see him visit a local HBCU to really get his drum major swag right), it was the most entertaining one of the night. Chelsea Kane what? Kirstie Alley who?


    To see whether all of Hines’ hard work has snagged him the coveted DWTS mirrorball trophy, tune in for the season finale tonight at 8 on ABC.

    —Sonya Eskridge


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