Deelishis defends her derriere


    Deelishis is defending herself against suggestions that her ample derriere is a fake. posted recent photos—that Deelishis snapped of herself—with the headline, “WE’RE STARTING TO BELIVE THAT IT’S NOT REAL!!!”

    The photos show Deelishis in a bathroom using her cell phone to immortalize herself in denim that only cover about half of her behind.

    After learning about the MediaTakeOut insinuation, Deelishis, who also goes by the name London Charles, took to Twitter to address the gossip.

    “Sorry @MediaTakeout these cakes are REAL! I have always had mad a$$ and if I’m lucky, I always will! Authentic Bad B!%ch right here!” she wrote.

    Deelishis supporters retweeted her message and showed her some love, expressing that they believe what she’s working with is God-given, but that’s not to suggest her assets don’t require any work.

    “Me and my fake fat A$$ headed to the gym! Lmao! Haters catch up!” she tweeted with a new photo of herself in white shorts with fabric that was obviously made to stretch.

    While most of her followers just commented that was simply hating on the former “Flavor of Love” star, some urged Deelishis to put down the cell phone.

    “Please stop giving @MediaTakeout more attention. Everyone knows they are a garbage website anyway,” tweeted Deelishis’ follower MereNoir. “You’re beautiful and they can’t stop that.”


    In December 2010, when Deelishis sat down with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown, Jamie asked Deelishis if she’s had butt injections. "Never. I think I’ve got enough junk in my trunk," Deelishis said.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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