Hines Ward wins ‘DWTS’ season 12

    Hines Ward snagged the coveted mirrorball trophy during last night’s "Dancing With the Stars" season finale.

    We said it back in March: Don’t sleep on Hines Ward! And we were right … not that we’re bragging or anything. 

    For the first time ever, we have not been bitterly disappointed with the outcome of a "Dancing With the Stars" finale! After Lil Kim, Mya and Brandy were all cut short in the competition in previous seasons, who knew it could be like this?

    The NFL player certainly lived up to his Silent Assassin title this season. When he came out, the first thing he said was that he couldn’t dance. He seriously downplayed his skills before delivering a Cha Cha that blew us away.

    Hines’ performances, which were consistently good, only got better from there. Our favorite routine, however, was the Samba he dedicated to his mama, and we were beyond excited to see him do it again! 

    How was he NOT supposed to win with this?! Any man who can shimmey like that, and like it, has ALL of our votes!

    Hines came with his A-game on Tuesday night. His hips didn’t stop moving and he kept a bright smile on his face throughout the routine. But, hey, if we knew we had the "DWTS" trophy on lock, we’d be grinning, too.

    It was obvious earlier this season that he was taking home that "DWTS" disco ball—especially after he dropped his professional partner Kym Johnson two weeks ago and they STILL took the #1 spot on the leader board.

    It might not be a Super Bowl ring, but the DWTS ball is so much prettier—and he only has to share it with one other person! 

    "Starting this competition, I never thought I’d be in the finals, but I owe it all to Kym," Hines graciously said during his acceptance speech. "Also I want to thank all the fans."

    Speaking of his fans, Hines’ home stadium in Pittsburgh was packed with Steeler Nation fans all whipping their yellow towels in the air as Hines accepted the top prize.

    Check out our favorite footballer claim his title as the winner of "DWTS" season 12 when you watch the clip below.


    — Sonya Eskridge



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