Queen Latifah to launch HSN line

    Queen Latifah is getting ready to swath her fans in regal style from head to toe with her upcoming HSN collection.

    You wear her makeup, and dab on her perfume, but now you can step into her swag. Women’s Wear Daily reports that Latifah is getting ready to launch a line for HSN dubbed Queen.

    The line, which forgoes the term "plus-size," will feature a range of products from leggings and jeans to hair extensions and hand bags. And she’s not discriminating by dress size, the Queen collection will come in a range of fits.

    “It is a word we need to bury at this point. I wanted to make something size two and up," Queen Latifah said, explaining why she doesn’t want to attach the term "plus-size" to her products."

    It’s wise of the Queen to keep her target market broad, but it’s more than a business decision. At the base of it, she just really doesn’t want to leave anyone feeling left out.

    “The truth is, we all would like to wear the same clothes," said Latifah. "We all want to wear beautiful, fly clothes no matter what size you are, and so for me it was important to match with a company that understood and respected that ideal.”

    But bigger girls will be pleased to learn that Latifah wasn’t going to launch a line unless it did justice to all shapes and sizes. And by that we mean having the option of wearing something other than baggy, boxy, ill-fitting duds that so many other designers have marketed to full figures.

    “I felt like larger girls were not respected, even though we are huge consumers,” Queen Latifah said. “I felt the marketplace didn’t respect us in the way it should. I was not going to step out with a clothing line that didn’t respect a fuller-figured woman or a curvaceous woman, and really all women.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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