Atlanta thieves pull off hair heist

    Hide ya kids. Hide ya weave—especially your pack of Remy. Another team of weave bandits strikes again. Don Kang’s Beauty Emporium in Atlanta is the latest store robbed down to its scalp.

    According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Don’s store was hit at 3 a.m. on Thursday. “They rammed the front [with] a car, then they came in and stole all the expensive hair,” he said. “Four or five guys, wearing gloves and masks. They came in and they were out of here in about a minute.”

    The thieves drove away, damaging the store, in their getaway car with an estimated $10,000 in hair extensions.

    Don said Thursday’s weft theft is one of many in recent months at beauty supply stores in the area.

    “The thieves are targeting beauty supplies,” he said. “They’re going after the expensive hair. It’s been happening to a lot of beauty supply [stores].”

    But Atlanta isn’t only the city being hair jacked. It’s happening all over the country.
    Last week, The New York Times reported that the latest trend took place in a Houston salon, where thieves stole $150,000 in hair. In addition, $90,000 in extensions was stolen from a beauty supply store in Chicago and $85,000 in hair from a store in Missouri City, Texas.

    Other cities experiencing hair robberies include San Diego, San Leandro, California, and Dearborn, Michigan. Supposedly, the stolen extensions are being sold out of car trunks for only $25 a pop compared to the $200 beauty supply stores may charge.



    — Tiara Kennedy




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