Oprah signs off after 25 years

    Oprah Winfrey signed off on Wednesday, but not before thanking everyone and dropping some knowledge.

    "There are no words to match this moment," Oprah said in amazement as she opened the show. On May 25, after 25 years it all came down to this. The Queen of Daytime Talk was preparing to say good-bye and step down from her throne.

    Oprah being who she is couldn’t leave the chat show landscape before sharing the biggest life lessons she’s learned from her 4,561 episodes. She’s made a career of self-love, self-acceptance and self-improvement. Could it have been any other way?

    "This show has taught me there is a common thread that runs through all of our pain and all of our suffering, and that is unworthiness," Oprah said. "There is a difference, you know, between thinking you deserve to be happy and knowing you are worthy of happiness."

    Oprah attributes the success of her iconic chat show over its astounding 25-year run to "my team and Jesus." In fact, Oprah expounded on how she appreciated her fans and the world for allowing her into their homes every day to share a few ugly cries, some LOL and Ah Ha moments throughout her reign on daytime TV.

    "From you, whose names I will never know, I learned what love is. You, and this show, have been the great love of my life," she said as she began to lose her composure. It should be noted that her other great love, Stedman Graham, was in the audience for the farewell episode.

    Oprah didn’t just touch momentarily on the topic of faith—which she admitted was a sensitive subject—she kept praising the Almighty throughout the show. When addressing the question of which God she’s been talking about over the past two and a half decades, O made it brilliantly clear which one she worships.

    "I’m talking about the Alpha and Omega. The omniscient. The omnipresent," Oprah boldly told her loyals in the studio audience and at home. "The one and only G-O-D. That’s the one I’m talking about!"

    Indeed, the most obvious theme throughout Oprah’s hourlong send-off was how grateful she was to have had the career she’s enjoyed thus far.

    "Gratitude is the single greatest treasure I will take with me from this experience," Oprah tearfully told the captive audience. "The opportunity to have done this work, to be embraced by all of you who watched is one of the greatest honors any human being could have."

    But when the time came to say "see ya" the media maven couldn’t bring herself to say the most difficult phrase in the history of her self-titled show.

    "I thank you for sharing this yellow brick road of blessings," Oprah signed off as her swan song swelled behind her. "I won’t say good-bye; I’ll just say, ‘Until we meet again.’ To God be the glory."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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