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    Oprah went out with a bang

    Oprah Winfrey’s farewell finale episode was sort of quiet and subdued, but the ratings for the one-hour gratitude fest were just the opposite.

    Her last show earned Oprah her highest ratings since 1994 with an estimated 15 and 20 million viewers tuning in. Reports indicate that’s a 13.3 household rating, which is about 130 percent higher than the show’s average rating.

    The official ratings for the show have yet to be released and are expected to include views of Oprah fans in New Orleans who were unable to tune in to the show Wednesday due to local pre-emption.



    Watch ‘True Blood’ season 4 trailer

    Sookie, Bill, Tara and the gang return to HBO June 26, and season 4 welcomes a new coven of witches to Bon Temps.

    The coalition of vampires is trying to win back the trust of humans by flying under the radar, but the rise of the witches, some of whom have the power to control the dead, threatens their safety and efforts to keep a low profile.

    Watch the season 4 trailer below.




    George Clinton hospitalized

    Funk legend George Clinton has been hospitalized after a doctor diagnosed him with a staph infection of the leg.

    George was visiting the physician for a regular checkup with the issue was detected.

    A rep for George said the “Atomic Dog” artist will be just fine.



    Montana ordered to pay victim

    Montana Fishburne, who allegedly roughed up a romantic rival, has been ordered to pay $9,000 to her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend.

    Judge Elizabeth Harris ruled that Montana owed her victim for medical expenses that she incurred as a result of the February incident. Montana allegedly broke into her ex’s girlfriend’s house, tied her up and repeatedly beat her.

    Montana, the daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, first came to national attention as a porn star. She had entered a plea of not guilty on the charges.



    Shaq snores

    Hoopz has a problem with her beau, Shaq: he snores.

    “He gets into that deep snore,” said Hoopz, who claims his snores sometimes wake him.

    The former VH1 reality star isn’t just picking on her man for fun. Hoopz has persuaded Shaq to get tested for sleep apnea.

    After determining that the NBA baller suffers from a mild form of the condition, he weighed his options on how to treat it.

    Watch how Shaq decides to deal with his sleep apnea.




    —Tracy L. Scott

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