Sherri Shepherd’s fiancé has been warned


    Sherri Shepherd has girlfriends who have her back, and her fiancé, Lamar Sally, should consider himself warned.

    “If you mess with her, I’m gonna have to come and whip that ass,” S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown warned Lamar. He and Sherri were introduced by former “Clean House” host Niecy Nash and are planning an August wedding in Chicago.

    “Sal and I will now be the poster for Niecy Nash being the international matchmaker,” Sherri said.

    In contrast to Jamie, Niecy had some more uplifting words for the couple, encouraging Sal to look out for his soon-to-be bride’s spiritual welfare along with her financial and physical needs. That’s not to suggest that Jamie was the only friend to threaten Sal.

    According to Sherri, “America’s Next Top Model” winner, Eva Pigford, also had some choice words for him.

    “Don’t let the pretty fool you… If I don’t see the smile on her face that I see today, I will whoop your ass,” Eva said to Sal.

    Watch Sherri demonstrate exactly how Eva delivered her threat to Sal below.

    Find out more about Sherri and Sal’s commitment to one another in the July 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.









    —Tracy L. Scott



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