‘Basketball Wives’ 3 Recap: May 30


    The Gist: Season 3 brings some changes, especially for Jennifer and Royce, who are now single women. Jennifer’s loving her newfound independence, and Royce seems eager to get back in the game. They say they don’t have a real problem with one another, but Royce is vocal about her contempt for Evelyn. “Right now, we might be enemies,” Royce says about Evelyn. So, the lines are drawn. There’s the Evelyn/Shaunie/Jennifer clique, and on the other side, there’s the Tami/Royce/Suzie (where’d she come from?) clique. In the middle is newcomer Meeka Claxton, who might have to learn the hard way that these women don’t like it when someone plays both sides.

    Most Dramatic Moment: Tami decides she has to do something to stop Evelyn from selling her “Non MF-ing Factor” shirts. So, she confronts the future Mrs. Ochocinco at her store, Dulce. After insulting the name of the boutique a few times, Tami gets down to business. After seeing the shirts and again expressing her irritation with them, Tami informs Evelyn that she’s filing a lawsuit that accuses Evelyn of defamation.

    Evelyn tries to counter, blaming Tami for letting the world know that Evelyn slept with Kenny, but Tami shuts that down real quick. “You blew up your own spot up. You can’t sue me for s**t,” Tami said.

    The two get a little physical when Evelyn rips up the documents Tami hands her but after exchanging a few threats, the two walk away without throwing any punches. (Whew, that was close!)

    OMG Moment: What’s up with the new girl? Meeka meets with Shaunie first and the two seem to get along okay, but there’s no instant friendship. Next, Meeka hangs out with Jennifer, who finds the newcomer’s knowledge of her private life a bit unsettling. “She’s opening up kinda quick,” Jen comments. Later, Meeka approaches Royce, and it’s almost as though she wants Royce to try to impress her. Of course, Royce doesn’t play into that, and she says little to Meeka about the other ladies. That’s good ‘cause Meeka quickly meets with the Evelyn/Shaunie/Jennifer clique and shares everything she heard from Royce. Not even the “mean girls” were interested in that gossip.

    WTH Moment: You can’t blame a girl for wanting to keep herself up or wanting to keep her man turned on, but when Evelyn shares with Shaunie that she’s gotta keep her nails and toes done to keep her fiancé pleased, a collective sigh is heard across the nation from feminists everywhere.

    Best Quote: As Tami’s informing Evelyn of her impending legal action, she boasts that she’ll soon be the owner of Ev’s boutique. “All of this here will be mine, and I don’t like the name Dulce ‘cause can’t nobody say it. I’d rather have it be my name. All of this will be mine except it’s gonna be called Tami’s.”

    Episode MVP: Tami could have easily been this week’s MVP. Her confrontations with Evelyn are stand-out moments of the episode. However, Jennifer claims the title this week.

    Her soon-to-be ex-husband, Eric, sold their condo, but Jennifer hasn’t let that dampen her spirits. She seems happier than fans have seen her in a long while, and she even entertains the thought of having a divorce party with a castrated man topping the cake. Not only that, but Jennifer, who’s definitely Team Evelyn, seems to be getting along with all the ladies so far, and that’s no easy feat.


    If you missed it, watch the episode below.



    -Tracy L. Scott


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