J.Hud wants apology for ‘cruel’ headline


    Jennifer Hudson is upset about a gossip blog headline and is calling for an apology from the site.
    “Everyday I wake up I’m constantly reminded how cruel n heartless the world is,” Jennifer tweeted.
    The Bossip.com headline read, “Publishers Would Rather Try to Make Money from the Hudson Family Murders than J.Hud’s Slimmy Trimmy-Dom.” The story, originally reported by the New York Post, relayed how Jennifer’s years-long attempt to have her book, Feeling Good Now That I’m Not a Big Girl, published has failed.
    “Bossip U owe me an apology!” Jennifer tweeted. “Y would u take someone’s tragedy and build a story of nothing but lies around it?” 
    A rep for the gossip blog claims that Jennifer misunderstood the headline.
    According to the New York Post, Jennifer has reportedly been shopping her book around for four years, but publishing houses are holding out for a book with more meat.

    Jennifer is apparently hoping for a seven-figure book deal, which may have something to do with the stalemate. If she’s asking for upwards of $1 million, publishers want more than just diet and exercise tips.
    Jennifer is said to have considered writing about the loss of her mother, brother and nephew, but ultimately, she decided it was “just too soon.”
    “It was disappointing. Her book about her diet is really appealing and wonderful, but if you spend a lot of money on a book deal, you want it to sell. With no talk of her family, we didn’t think it was worth it,” a publisher told the New York Post.
    —Tracy L. Scott


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