JaRule prepares for his incarceration


    JaRule doesn’t make excuses for the choices he made that have led to his upcoming 18-month incarceration, but he acknowledges that societal factors play a role.

    “A lot of young, Black men take to the streets to raise them, like I did … like a lot of Black men do,” he told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown in a recent interview.

    "You learn different values from the streets, and I’m not saying they’re all bad values. Everything has some good," said JaRule, whose now-deceased father wasn’t around to raise him.

    Jamie, the mother of two adult sons, admits she gets angry when Black men give law officials any reason to come after them.

    “They have the gun. Why do we give them the bullet?” she asked.

    Watch JaRule’s answer and more of the conversation in the video below.


    Get more on JaRule in the July 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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