Jill Scott fired trainer for weighty barb

    Jill Scott has never been ashamed of her shape, and if you can’t get with it, prepare to be cut off.

    When Jilly from Philly came back with "Shame" earlier this year, fans immediately noticed her slimmer frame. And she had been overheard saying that she wanted porn-star curves. But for the singer, the whittled waistline was actually just icing on the cake.

    “I had gotten a trainer because I wanted to have more stamina," Jill told Singersroom.net. However, that fitness guru’s time on her payroll didn’t last long after some ill-advised remarks about Jill’s weight and marketability.

    "The trainer told me that if I didn’t lose weight, I would never sell a record. Of course he was fired. [laughs] To completely spite him I decided not to—I think I probably gained weight. I was mad! " Jill recalled. "The way I saw it was, ‘How are you going to tell me I can’t?’ I didn’t appreciate that.”

    Jill wasn’t looking for a dramatic transformation at the time, she just wanted to fine-tune a few areas. No matter what, she always wanted to be able to keep it real, even if she’s the only one around.

    “My grandmother’s favorite saying was ‘you can’t hold your stomach in forever’ meaning you can’t be what you’re not forever. Eventually you’re going to have to sit down and open your belt buckle," she said. "I think for me I just wanted to be myself and be in the skin I was most comfortable in because I’m a little shy—just a little bit."

    That shyness extends to an admitted problem with stage fright, but she’s able to keep that problem well under control by following her grandma’s advice. Jill reasoned, "If I’m going to offer my gift to the world, I have to do it on my own terms and in the way that I feel the most comfortable.”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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