Singer Miguel addresses his sexuality


    Due to society’s norms about male and female gender roles, we sometimes come across an artist whose fashion and style prompts rumors about sexual preference.

    For R&B artist Miguel, when people question his sexuality based on his style, he blames that on their cultural ignorance.

    “For anyone who questions my sexuality, the answer is: I love women,” he said definitively.

    Like so many eclectic artists, including Prince, Michael Jackson and Maxwell, Miguel’s untraditional fashion sense—whether it be tight jeans or a Mohawk haircut—has raised questions for many. However, he explains that he’s just influenced by things he’s seen internationally.

    “What I will say is that we really do have the tools at our disposal to broaden our horizons,” Miguel said. “At this point, I’ve embraced a lot of worldly culture, and I’ve made it a part of who I am. People who are here who have not done that may look at my choices artistically, how I express myself visually and aesthetically as questionably, especially to my sexuality. Whereas, people who have traveled or done the same… it’s not questionable at all,” he said.

    “I think it’s really a question as to whether or not you’re ignorant to whatever else is out there,” the “All I Want Is You” artist said.

    While some might wonder whether a guy in skinny jeans and scarves is actually attracting the opposite sex, Miguel doesn’t seem to be having any problems.

    “I’ve always only loved women. That’s it … and women kinda like me, too,” he said.


    Watch the video.

    TRUE Flavor presents The Kenny Burns Show… Conversations with Miguel from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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