Cadbury apologizes to Naomi Campbell

    Cadbury may be trying to dodge a lawsuit by apologizing to Naomi Campbell for a recent ad.

    Naomi didn’t take too kindly to a recent Cadbury chocolate ad that stated, "Move over, Naomi. There’s a new diva in town." Although the company didn’t include Naomi’s last name in the print spot, the supermodel was mortified by the reference, calling it "insulting and hurtful." There were also reports that Naomi was considering taking legal action against the chocolate company.

    Today, there’s word that Cadbury has thrown up the white flag with a public apology to the brown beauty.

    "Cadbury understands that our latest advertising campaign for ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss’ caused upset to Naomi Campbell and her family," the company said in a statement. "It was not our intention that this campaign should offend Naomi, her family or anybody else and we are sincerely sorry that it has done so."

    Cadbury insists that it never meant to offend Naomi or any other Black consumers with with the ad, which has been yanked from public view. "We can confirm that the advertisement is no longer in circulation and we will not be using it in future marketing," the company stated.

    Now that Cadbury has apologized for the inflammatory ad, it also revealed that executives have been in contact with Naomi and that all parties seem to have made peace.

    "We have been in discussions with Naomi’s solicitors and can confirm that they have accepted our apology on her behalf as a conclusion to this issue," the company asserted.

    What’s not clear from the statement is whether Naomi, who once posed atop a chocolate Playboy bunny (check out the pic below), has dropped all of her plans to sue Cadbury.



    — Sonya Eskridge





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