‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 6.7.11

    It seemed like everyone but Tami Roman and Royce Reed wanted to be down with Evelyn Lozada last night on "Basketball Wives."

    Monday night was like a big game of musical chairs. The ladies were either mending fances, making friends or, of course, getting into cat fights.

    This season everyone in the cast knows the deal: They’re playing for two different teams on "Basketball Wives," and Shaunie’s managing them both. Either your Team Evelyn or Team Tami, and right now Evelyn has the advantage.

    Jennifer Williams has fnally filed for divorce, and although she’s not exactly ready for love again, Evelyn somehow coaxed her to try out online dating. Jen didn’t see anyone worth winking, and quickly concluded that looking for love online was not for her. Still, as long as she’s open to possibly dating around, Evelyn thinks her BFF is on the road to heartbreak recovery.

    Suzie Ketcham, who was once excommunicated from Evelyn’s circle, has found her way back in. Or at least that what she thinks. Evelyn said their beef is squashed, but that she still doesn’t quite trust her old friend. Not that Suzie seems to notice or care. 

    One "wife" in particular didn’t seem all that excited at the prospect of Suzie linking back up with Evelyn. Royce doesn’t foresee anything good coming from that reunion, warning Suzie that Evelyn and Jen might end up playing her again. We’d say that Royce might want to keep an eye on Suzie, though—especially after those jokes she was cracking with Evelyn. Not cool, Suzie!

    Meeka Claxton is also campaigning hard to be Team Evelyn. She swears that she’s still looking for her place in the cast, but viewers can clearly see that she’s leaning much more towards Evelyn and Jennifer’s clique. How else could you possibly explain her  behavior? She seems a little too pressed to throw Royce under the bus—even on a night where the two of them head out for drinks.  But the real reason that Meeka and Royce may not mesh is because they’re polar opposites. 

    Tami Roman sized Meeka up quickly, stating, "I think that Meeka will ultimately play both sides of the fence, because that is the safest place to be." What’s not safe, though, is putting your hand in Tami’s face. You know she don’t play that!



    —Sonya Eskridge


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