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    ATCQ film trailer released

    A trailer for Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest has hit  the Internet.

    When the trailer starts off, the documentary doesn’t seem like anything that would spark all the push-back it got from Q-Tip. However, as the teaser reveals, there is a turning point in the film that chronicles the break down of ATCQ.

    See what we mean in the trailer below, and click here to see when Beats, Rhymes & Life will be playing at a theater near you.



    Meeka Claxton: That’s not me

    Meeka Claxton is falling on the age-old excuse of editing for her less-than-flattering portrayal on season 3 of "Basketball Wives."

    Meeka isn’t making many fans this season, on or off the show, as many have accused her of playing both sides of the fence with her castmates. But, as Meeka told the Miami News Times, that’s not her fault. She blamed editing for making her look thirsty. “I mean, I watched it. And this is what I signed up for—it’s not me, the way I was portrayed, but it was entertaining," she claimed. "I was very surprised."

    And if it seems she’s being hard on Royce Reed, Meeks swears that nothing could be further from the truth. "It was all cut out that I said how nice she was, how bubbly she was," she said. "So, it’s funny how it started so innocently.”

    As hard as it seems she is tryin to get in everyone’s good graces, though, she’s still not likely to hang out out with them off-camera yet. “I wouldn’t consider any of them friends," Meeka said. "But I’m still getting to know them. It’s been such a short amount of time. And I didn’t go in there looking for friends.”


    Dwayne Johnson to go ‘Joe’?

    Dwyane Johnson could be the next Hollywood hunk to suit up for battle as a real-life action figure.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dwayne is in talks to star in the sequel of G.I. Joe. He’d be playing machine gunner Roadblock, who has been pegged as "a big guy with a big gun."

    He’ll prospectively be one of a slew of new talent being brought onboard. Many of the actors from the first G.I. Joe won’t be coming back, with the exception of the film’s star, Channing Tatum, who plays Duke.



    Patti LaBelle, Steve Harvey to receive BET Awards

    It’s not hard to understand why Patti LaBelle might receive a BET Award, but she’s not the only “seasoned” performer who’ll be honored at the live ceremony on June 26.


    Comedian Steve Harvey will also be on hand to receive the 2011 Humanitarian Award for his work with youth.


    Patti will be the recipient of the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award.


    Plaxico Burress released

    After 20 months behing bars, Plaxico Burress has been set free.

    According to the New York Post, the NFL player was released from Oneida Correctional Facility yesterday after serving his term for felony gun possession.

    Now that Plaxico is free, he’s aiming to get back on the field despite the current NFL lockout. "He will play in the NFL this year," Drew Rosenhaus, the pro baller’s agent, told the Associated Press.


    Jay-Z and Kanye West release tracklist

    Jay-Z and Kanye West are one step closer to dropping what will undoubtedly be the hottest colleciton of collaborations this year.

    As fans are salivating for any new details on the dynamic duo’s joint album, Watch the Throne, Kanye and Hov have released the projects’s tracklist. Since Beyoncé loves her some Jay-Z, it’s no surprise to see her lending her talents to Watch the Throne.

    Check out the list below to see what you can expect to be treating your ears to later this year.

    1. Lift Off (Feat. Beyonce & Bruno Mars)
    2. Murder To Excellence
    3. Illest Motherf%#ker Alive
    4. Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip)
    5. That Shit Crazy
    6. Living So Italian
    7. Who Gonna Stop Me
    8. Whole Lifetime
    9. We Are Young
    10. Anthem


    Jada: We got this

    Jada Pinkett-Smith said there are plenty of children in the world to worry about, but her celebrity kids aren’t two of them.

    “My kids? They’re going to be all right,” she told Uptown magazine. “I get why people would criticize, but people need to know that Will and I would never put our children in a situation that would bring them detriment. If I survived everything that I survived in Baltimore, and Will survived everything he survived in Philly, these kids surely can survive the Hollywood game.” 



    Jennifer Lopez covers her behind

    Jennifer Lopez is still trying hard to keep video footage of her honeymoon with former husband Ojani Noa away from the public.

    So far she’s been successful and recently filed a restraining order against her ex’s girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, who is allegedly in possession of the video.

    Although Claudia pointed out that there’s no proof she’s trying to sell the footage, she didn’t outright deny that she was, according to TMZ.

    The judge ruled that Claudia is barred from distributing the video without Jennifer’s consent.



    — Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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