Gabrielle Union speaks on ‘Man Down’

    Gabrielle Union can identify with what Rihanna portrayed in her controversial video "Man Down."

    While watchdog groups are claiming that Rihanna went too far with "Man Down," which depicts Rihanna shooting her rapist, Gabrielle said she understands.

    "Saw ‘Man Down’ by @rihanna. Every victim/survivor of rape is unique, including how they THINK they’d like justice 2 be handed out," Gabrielle stated via Twitter.

    The actress not only identifies with Rihanna in the video, she almost acted out the storyline in real life years ago. As Gabrielle revealed in a tweet, "During my rape I tried 2 shoot my rapist, bt I missed. Over the yrs I realized tht killin my rapist would’ve added insult 2 injury."

    She added, "The DESIRE 2 kill someone whose abused/raped u is understandable, bt unless its self defense n the moment 2 save ur life, just ADDS 2 ur troubles #mandown."

    When asked how it happened, Gabrielle recalled to her followers that the incident occured when somone tried to rob a store where she was working at one point. "He put his gun dwn durin the rape & asked me 2 [hand] it 2 him," she tweeted, explaining how she got her hands on a firearm during the attack.

    If nothing else, the actress stated that she thinks "Man Down" has sparked a very important discussion in the public. "#Mandown video did a GREAT job of getting the ENTIRE world TALKING abt RAPE," she tweeted. "I hope tht it leads 2 HEALING & PREVENTS RAPE."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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