Rohan Marley denies being the father of Lauryn Hill’s baby


    It seems there may be some question about whether Rohan Marley is the father of the child Lauryn Hill is carrying.

    When the Grammy winner announced that she is again pregnant, most assumed that the father of her five other children, Rohan Marley, was also the proud papa of #6.

    That is, until Rohan took to Twitter.

    “2 things, I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything,” he tweeted yesterday.

    When one Twitter follower extended congratulations to Rohan writing, “so u having another baby, congrats,” he responded, “not that I know of.”

    That’s not exactly a Maury Povich-caliber denial, but it definitely leaves room for speculation.

    Rohan, who normally stays out of the public eye, suggested that the news about his fathering a sixth child with Lauryn isn’t the only piece of misinformation that’s been spread.

    “[T]rust me the info out there is so incorrect for so many years,” he tweeted adding that his silence often leaves rumors to flourish.

    “The downside of being so private (when you’re a pub. Figure) however is that stories grow when left unchecked,” he wrote.


    Thanks to Twitter, Rohan quickly used the medium to refute the story.

    For now, his stance is that the baby is not his and he’s urging fans not to send any well-wishes his way, “Until I say out my mouth to the contrary…,” he wrote.



    —Tracy L. Scott

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