Chocolate comparison is cool with us

    Naomi Campbell was more than a little salty about being compared to chocolate, but most of you don’t get what the big deal is.

    The supermodel made headlines last week when she raised a fuss about a Cadbury Chocolate Bliss ad with the wording, "Move over, Naomi. There’s a new diva in town." She thought the reference was "insulting and hurtful." Earlier this week, Cadbury issued an apology to Naomi and has since yanked the ad from circulation.

    And a couple weeks ago, "Tosh.0" released a remix of Internet meme "Chocolate Rain" that found host Daniel Tosh putting a whole new spin on sexual chocolate. The clip, which also featured Boyz II Men, showed Daniel getting intimate with a Black woman and some actual chocolate at a brothel. Anyone who’s seen "Tosh.0" knows they probably shouldn’t expect an apology from the caustic comedian any time soon.

    From cafe au lait and butterscotch to caramel and cocoa, Black women have categorized their skin tones by sweet treats for years! So Naomi’s recent reaction made us wonder if the model was just tripping, or if she had every right to be offended by Cadbury’s ad.

    As always, we took our burning question to fans on Facebook to render a verdict, and most of you think Naomi was just blowing things out of proportion.

    "Why be offended," Latrice Russell asked. "Chocolate is smooth and sweet…everybody loves chocolate."  If anything, Latrice feels Cadbury’s  comparison was extremely favorable towards Naomi. "Someone referred to her as something sweet when obviously she is not."

    Deirdre H. Kennerson said she’d be offended because she feels the comparison doesn’t do her any justice. "Call me chocolate and I will tell you that I am sweeter," she said.

    Being compared to the decadent dessert is old news for Janeika Lareece, who said, "I been referred to as chocolate all my life."

    The association would be a real treat for Jasmine Diaz, who would happily take Naomi’s reference in the Cadbury ad. "If anyone wanted to call me Chocolate Bliss, I would be honored!" Jasmine told S2S.

    Be careful with Alexis McIntosh, though. She’d be okay with the designation, but there are some conditions. "I wouldn’t mind being compared to chocolate as long as it’s said in a tasteful manner," she stated.

    Only a couple of S2S fans sided with Naomi in this  case, and backing her seemingly had more to do with the fact that Cadbury didn’t get clearance to use Naomi’s name in the ad.

    "Yes, I would have been offended," Shautay Gupton argued, "because prior to creating the commercial they could have checked with her to see if there was an issue."

    The topic is still open for discussion, of course, so tell us: How would you feel is someone compared you to chocolate.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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