Elizabeth Mathis is riding the wave to stardom

    Pushy, the tide-surfing South African character in Blue Crush 2, is headstrong, down-to-earth, beautiful and … American? Elizabeth Mathis, who portrays Pushy in the new sequel, offers an authentic African accent that is bar none, and after a recent chat with the up-and-coming actress, S2S found that her personality and talent are too.

    During the three months of taping in South Africa, Elizabeth worked with her dialect coach for two hours every day in preparation for what she called her largest role yet. She also took dance lessons and yoga to maintain her already athletic build. Elizabeth had never surfed before the film, but she feels she picked the sport up fairly fast. However, two body doubles, including male surfer Mikey February, were used for the wide shots and top-notch tricks.

    Before hitting the waves in Blue Crush 2, she hit the big screen with Denzel Washington in Unstoppable.

    “It was amazing. I mean, it’s Denzel. You don’t get any better than that,” she said.

    “It was phenomenal just to sit back and see him do his thing. I learned not only from his professionalism, but he’s a true actor’s actor,” she added.

    Initially, Elizabeth was not on a path to Hollywood stardom. She was raised in the Detroit area, where she said she formed a strong bond with her family.

    “I’m a definite Midwest kid. I like green grass and playing outside and all of that. My upbringing was very down home,” Elizabeth said.

    She was momentarily thrown into the pageant world and won her first of only two competitions she’d ever participated in: Miss Teen Michigan. She didn’t place in the national pageant but went on to study communications and business at Northwestern University. While there, she embraced acting and explored her talent off-campus. She soon packed her bags for New York and the rest is history.  

    “I think every actor just wants to work and do their absolute best work in whatever genre they can find. I want to do the best that I can wherever opportunities come,” she said.

    That’s not to suggest that Elizabeth’s only focus is her career. She’s a married woman who is fortunate enough to be married to her best friend.

    She met her husband in NYC, who is also in the entertainment business, and she said he has supported her throughout her career.

    “He’s my best friend,” she said. “I think that in any relationship when you have someone you can talk to about anything is ideal.”

    Elizabeth just wrapped up an independent film, and her latest flick, Blue Crush 2, is now out on Blu-ray and DVD.  

    “I really want to tap into diverse characters," she said. "I want to push the limits of myself. And most of all I just want to have fun.”


    Watch the Blue Crush 2 trailer now.

    —LeAndra Valentine



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