Sherri Shepherd, Creflo Dollar speak out on Bishop Long’s sex scandal


    Supporters and detractors of Bishop Eddie Long are being vocal about either their belief in the church leader’s guilt or the public’s need to move past it.

    “I’m a single mom. I’m a Christian. As a Christian mother, we take our sons to these churches for men who said they wanna raise up young boys as godly men. If you are a man of faith, why would you settle out of court?” Sherri Shepherd asked Tuesday on “The View.”

    Co-host Joy Behar compared Eddie’s situation to the sexual allegations that were made against Michael Jackson, but Sherri quipped, “Michael Jackson was not a pastor. When you’re a pastor and you say you have God in your life, if you are right, you’re going to be vindicated. God is not going to let your church fall. He’s not going to let you go bankrupt. So when you settle out of court, it just says something was wrong.” 

    From Sherri’s perspective, the bishop showed a lack of faith and should have stuck to his original plan to fight the allegations the way David fought Goliath. His choice not to face his accusers in court and officially clear his name has raised questions in her mind about what really went on.

    As a single mother, Sherri explained why she takes the situation so personally.

    “People prey on women who don’t have a man in their life, who take their sons to people in authority that they trust,” said Sherri, whose co-host Elisabeth Hasselback described her as “fired up.”

    While Sherri, who continued the conversation on Twitter, all but condemned the New Birth leader, fellow pastor Creflo Dollar suggested Christians are being hypocritical in their harsh judgment of Eddie.

    “I don’t know what it is with the church. When you have a wreck you expect for God to forgive you and everybody else. Don’t let the preacher have a wreck now. Then you become self-righteous and you become judgmental,” Creflo said. “I just can’t believe that people would leave their preacher because he had a wreck instead of praying for him.”

    It was reported last week that Bernice King, the daughter of slain Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., left New Birth after the news of the settlement.

    Creflo’s message seemed to concede that Eddie did indeed “have a wreck.” However, he did not speak directly about the accusations made against Eddie or whether they were true.

    Creflo, who referred to Eddie as his “brother in the Lord,” focused his sermon on how church members have reacted to the controversy.

    “Let it go,” he said.

    Watch the video of Sherri on “The Talk” and Creflo’s sermon below.


    —Tracy L. Scott


    Which side are you on? Do you think Bishop Eddie Long’s failure to go to court indicates that something inappropriate did take place? Comment below.




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