Rohan Marley (kind of) retracts denial

    Days after he supposedly denied being the father of Lauryn Hill’s new baby, Rohan Marley is eating his words.

    Rohan raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he tweeted he doesn’t "have anyone expecting anything" after Lauryn said that she’s pregnant with another child. Naturally, most everyone assumed that her spritual husband was the father. 

    The denial caused many to give Rohan the side eye for being so quick to deny what may be his baby. As DondrillSpeaks, one of Rohan’s followers on Twitter, put it, "What’s up wit @romarley denying Lauryn Hill tho?"

    Rohan couldn’t tweet his quasi-retraction fast enough yesterday when he typed, "I haven’t denied anyone, just somethings aren’t what they say … Respect to the mother of my children … everyone has rights."

    Although he still hasn’t outright denied being the father, his tweet is not exactly a confirmation either. One thing is for certain, though: Rohan has learned a lesson about Twitter and is going to be a bit more careful about what he tweets from now on.

    "I got to be better about who I engage in a little conversation," Rohan tweeted, "They’ll twist your words into their own meanings … well such is life."

    Before the masses could twist his words around anymore, he deleted the posts that got him into so much trouble in the first place. It seemed like a logical move to him.

    As he explained, "I erase certain conversation because I didn’t see the necessity of having something on my timeline that created some confusion … Let that be."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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