Clive Davis speaks on Whitney Houston’s career

    Clive Davis refuses to work with Whitney Houston until she gets back to being the vocal phenomenon he once knew.

    During a chat with Los Angeles’ KOST 103.5, a DJ asked Clive about Whitney who recently decided to extend her treatment in rehab. The singer’s problems with drug and alcohol addiction have troubled her for years, so she decided that getting a little extra help would be in her best interest.

    While talking with Clive, the DJs were pressed to get his perspective on Whitney’s battle for wellness.

    “Whitney has admitted that she’s had to conquer a drug addiction and that takes all of her energy, but she also has had a very difficult time giving up cigarettes," Clive said. "You know in comparison it sounds slight, but if you do have a cigarette problem in the sense you can’t give it up….it is taking all of her energy."

    The record executive revealed that plans for a new album have been put on hold until Whitney has gotten her voice in tip-top shape.

    "I know that she’s committed to do it. I know that she loves music and right now she’s dealing with that situation," said Clive. "We’re not gonna make a record or an album until that golden voice is there and fully capable of just knocking everybody out.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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