Gilbert Arenas blasts blind date

    Gilbert Arenas has wasted no time getting back into the dating game, but will his behavior get him benched?

    We’ve all been on that first awkward blind date with a new guy. You’ve prepped, plucked and perfumed yourself into a delight for four out of five senses…or so you thought. That was the position Gilbert’s recent date found herself in.

    The NBA player was less than impressed with his companion, who he took to a buffet. But instead of keeping his dissatisfaction to himself, he decided to share it with all of his nearly 30,000 followers on Twitter.

    For starters, he took issue with her exotic attire for the evening, a zebra-print shirt with turquoise beads and shells.

    "Got hooked up on a blind date..and I guess she was blind when she picked out this outfit ..OMG I thought she was the queen of ZAMUNDA," Gilbert tweeted Wednesday night. "And they want me to go in public with her..I thought she had a bunch of stretch marks but it was just her shirt..lookn like SIMBA."

    Then he took a shot at her eating habits, writing, "This dragon can eat….I’m glad were at a all u can eat… She went to the rest rm..I think I’m busted you guys. Her friend texted her."

    Well, at least the baller knew things weren’t exactly working in his favor. Despite his distaste for her dress, he still wanted to get her back to his place for a little loving. Unfortunately for him, she wasn’t trying to stick around too much longer once the bill came.

    "She just said this was the worst date every. but I was thinkin the same thing.who wears a shirt they got from 5th ave in new york. on a date," Gilbert complained. "She called me a jack ass.. I said "she looks so cute with her little ugly self" who’s NEXT."

    In what must have been an attempt to save face, virtually speaking, he tweeted, "Its okay fellas she still wants action…ladies like rude boys..or the blk card I hav in my pocket."

    The next day he did a little dating PR, defending his outrageous tweets with the age-old argument of "they started it." Apparently, when Gilbert rolled up for his blind date, the athlete admitted that the girl wasn’t thrilled with his outfit and asked him to change into a dress shirt. Adding insult to injury, she clowned him for not brushing his hair.

    "Very beautiful girl I’m not gonna lie but at this point I’m ready to get back to my video games," Gilbert tweeted Thursday. "I hate stuck up girls..I can’t be on a date and were both stuck up."

    It might have been in Gilbert’s best interesting to keep his disparaging thoughts to himself, or at least his table. reports that he could actually be facing fines for the tweets.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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