Mo goes off on Evelyn Lozada

    For T.O.’s handlers, Mo and Kita, Evelyn Lozada is a non-mothertf*#king factor.

    When asked their opinion of Chad Ochocinco’s fiancée, Mo and Kita didn’t have too many kind words to say about about the "Basketball Wives" star.

    "We already know that she is the ‘non-motherf*#in’ factor.’ We’re clear on that, right?" Mo told "And more than not, what she reminds me of is a walking yeast infection, ’cause everybody’s had one."

    "She’s the NMFF," Kita co-signed.

    But Mo didn’t stop there. Chad and T.O. are good friends, so she called her associate out on his suspect decision-making when proposing to Evelyn.

    "Don’t get me wrong, I know Chad. I’ve associated with Chad. I’ve worked with Chad," Mo said, "but at the same time he’s sending the wrong message to women, to guys, thinking it’s ‘okay’ to wife somebody that you’ve portrayed the image of sleeping with all in the same night."

    And Mo really doesn’t think that Evelyn is setting a good example for her daughter, who is now old enough to date. But the biggest reason she takes issue with Evelyn is her flippant attitude towards sleeping with Tami Roman’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson.

    "She pretended to be this chick’s friend. I don’t care if it was a month, a week, or a day," Mo said of Tami and Evelyn’s relationship, adding that Tami had every right to break nasty on her castmate. "Oh, Tami should have beat her @$s."

    Why’s Mo throwing so much salt at Evelyn? Find out in the video below.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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