Is Toni Braxton ready for a snowman?


    While Toni Braxton has started to consider dating “snowflakes,” sister Trina admits she’s never gone out with a Black man.

    “I have been with the swirl, honey. I’ve never dated a Black guy,” said Trina, who is married.

    However, Toni is still adjusting to life as a single mom and is open to trying something new. It doesn’t hurt that her mother, Evelyn, is also dating men of other ethnicities and encouraging Toni to do the same.

    “My mom keeps telling me I need to go on the other side of the street because she’s been dating ‘snowflakes’. She’s like maybe you need to catch yourself a little snowman,” said Toni, who admits she’s never dated a White man.

    Fans might be able to view Toni’s foray into the dating world when the second season of “Braxton Family Values” hits the air.

    Toni’s hoping that season two will help distinguish her musically inclined clan from another popular family with its own franchise of reality TV shows.

    When asked whether it bothers them when people point out the similarities between the two families, Toni said, “We love the Kardashians… but I think in time we’ll be separated.”

    Toni also talks about doing Playboy.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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