Laila Ali introduces daughter

    Laila Ali and  Curtis Conway are introducing their beautiful baby girl to the world.

    Laila knows that it’s never too early for baby’s first photo shoot, so she and her hubby got their new addition, Sydney J., camera ready for People magazine. 

    The former boxer admits that although she had originally wanted a little brother for CJ, her son with Curtis, she eventually changed her mind.

    "Before I got pregnant with Sydney I started paying attention to girls with their moms and I thought, ‘Oh, I want a girl,’” Laila told People. “They are like a little mini me.”

    Now that Sydney’s here, Laila said she can’t wait to teach her daughter "how to cook and be a lady." And, of course the mama will share her secret of "how to be strong but still be feminine." Laila is definitely enjoying dressing up her little girl, who wore a white sundress and a pink flower in her hair for the People spread.

    While it doesn’t look like the inside of a Pepto-Bismol bottle, Sydney’s nursery does have some generous splashes of pink. Her bed, for example, is a bubblegum pink ‘Hope’ crib from Newport Carriages, a company which benefits breast cancer research.

    Laila is spending a lot of time with Sydney in that nursery these days, leaving her bedroom with hubby Curtis behind.

    "Because I get up so much with her, we are sleeping in a separate room," Laila said. “My favorite time is the evening when CJ goes to sleep and I have her in the room and it’s quiet. We have our quiet moment together.”

    The mommy-daughter time in the nursery is overseen by a black-and-white print of Muhammad Ali and a then-infant Laila.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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