T.I. touts new plan in letter

    T.I. reveals that he’s a changed man and he’s ready to hit the ground running with new music as soon as he’s set free.

    T.I.’s got a lot of time on his hands as he continues to serve his 11-month prison sentence. While being away from his friends and family is hard, Tip revealed in a recently released letter that it’s his inability to create new music in prison that cuts especially deep.

    "I can’t even begin to tell y’all how much being on the outside looking in, having to witness all that’s going on (and not going on) in the game affects me," Tip stated. "Not being able to do what I love especially. It’s like a whole other sentence within itself."

    T.I. teased, though, that the time away from his music has only fueled his passion for it and the fans who have remained by his side through all of his trips through lockup. He revealed that he’ll be gifting his loyals with a small gift very soon.

    "The separation from my art has definitely sparked an inferno of inspiration that will soon be felt by all," the Atlanta rapper said. "As a matter of fact, to show my appreciation to those that have been in support of me and granted the requests of TEAM T.I. I’ll be releasing a record in the near future (couple of weeks tops) to hold y’all over til I get back in action."

    In the letter, Tip also said he’s looking forward to turning over a new leaf once he is released. "I’m nearing the end of this chapter of my life, and looking forward to taking all of the things I’ve learned with me while leaving all the rest of the ‘BS’ behind," he writes.

    And he’s got a plan to improve his life overall once he gets out. Sure his career is important, but Tip doesn’t plan on taking another trip to the penitentiary. "I have developed a mind full of thoughts, ideas, plans and strategies of change to incorporate into my professional endeavors, as well as my personal lifestyle," he asserted. "But none of them is as strong as my determination to conquer my own imperfections and my will to WIN NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

    In closing, he assured, "My campaign will continue!!! Stronger, smarter, bigger and better than ever. For those that doubt that…See me when they free me."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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