Anthony David to perform at ROOTS Fest in Baltimore

    Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Anthony David will perform at ROOTS Fest 2011 in West Baltimore.

    Anthony will deliver hits from all three albums including “Words”, which was up for Grammy nomination, and new single, “Forever More” from current album “As Above, So Below”.

    “For me it’s like sharing my emotions and ideas and seeing who can bite, who’s with it,” Anthony told S2S.

    And artists of every genre from ballerinas to fire dancers to hip-hop artists such as Talib Kweli and Chuck Brown are also set to perform at the arts festival.

    “I think it’s funky. I think they’re exciting," Ashley Milburn, Co-Director of Culture Works said. "You’re not going to see them in a normal venue. They are coming from all over the South, all over the country. These are people that have been in their work talking about community and positive things."

    Lead producer, Alternate ROOTS, Culture Works and other groups organized the event for many communities through one voice.

    And from June 22 through June 26, West Baltimore will experience healing art as the festival connects communities by transforming the 1.4-mile “Highway to Nowhere”, Route 40 into a place, where art flourishes.

    Forty years ago, the center of the vibrant West Baltimore neighborhood was bulldozed to create the “Highway to Nowhere,” Route 40 that fails to connect to main traffic arteries, coming to a dead end at a wall, and is barely used today.
    However, the community made a way out of no way through cultural and art expression, which is displayed at ROOTS Fest. Ashley said he hopes ROOTS Fest participants get “a sense of community, a sense of power from the kind of calls to action the art can bring.”

    Anthony learned about ROOTS Fest through his manager, Myron Ruffin, who happens to work with festival organizers. “It gives a good display of classic artists as well as new artists and he felt like I fit into the classic category so all those other guys playing I need to be down,” Anthony said.



    — Tiara Kennedy




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