‘Braxton Family Values’ finale recap

    We lost count of all the fights on the explosive season finale of "Braxton Family Values". Watch it here!

    Fresh off of being stood up by their estranged father, the Braxton sisters opened Tuesday’s episode by commiserating in the kitchen. Everyone, expect for Evelyn, was still a bit down over the fact that Papa Braxton decided to pull a no-show for a family brunch during a trip to Maryland.

    Evelyn suggested that the girls leave him alone, but her daughters had their own ideas. Toni, Tamar, Trina and Towanda coped with their pain by turning it into a song, asking Traci to call their father to find out why he ditched them. After no small amount of cajoling, Papa Braxton agreed to fly to Atlanta for a family dinner.

    Tamar and Trina weren’t buying the mea culpa, however, just based on the logistics. Apparently, their dad missed a meal with his family so that he could hang out with his buddies. "I mean, d@#n. I didn’t know we was conflicting with my father’s busy schedule of doing nothing," said a highly upset Tamar. "Why do I have to take time out of my schedule to go see my dad when he couldn’t make it? He was just a block away!"

    Trina thought he offered up an incredibly lame excuse. When he did show up in Atlanta, things could not have gone worse. While the girls just wanted to get a little closure on their parents’ painful split, he went staunchly on the defensive.

    Evelyn has always come off as the even-tempered, long-suffering matriarch of the Braxton clan, but she went off when her ex-husband tried to justify his extra marital affairs. "What y’all don’t understand … Wanda was not always my lover, she was my friend," Papa Braxton said of his mistress, who he married 30 days after divorcing Evelyn.

    And his flippant apology for his infidelity really sent Evelyn over the edge. Although Tamar has peppered the season with all kinds of dot-coms, Evelyn popped off with what had to be the most shocking catch phrase of the season, telling Joe, "You lay it low and spread it wide!"

    Clearly, Evelyn and her ex-husband won’t be sitting down for a civilized chat any time soon.

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