‘Braxton Family Values’ finale recap

    Towanda decided that it was finally time to pull the trigger on her own failing marriage. She couldn’t go it alone, though, so she brought Tamar and Trina along for moral support. Nether one of her sisters (or the viewing public, for that matter), thinks very much of Andre, who has come off as a lazy mooch the majority of this season.

    When Tamar shared her opinion, however, things got ugly in the attorney’s office because Towanda was not about to let her sister speak ill of her children’s father. The more Tamar argued that Andre was nothing more than a glorified babysitter, the harder Towanda stuck up for him. Trina, on the other hand, was urging Towanda to reconsider the split.

    In the end, though, Towanda thought it was best to file for divorce, which explains why she hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring. Even she admits that while Andre was a terrible husband, he is a good father to the couple’s children.

    The biggest battle of the season, however, has been over the Braxtons album. Will they do it or won’t they? Is Toni down to record with her sisters or not? Things have been up in the air with the studio project ever since Vincent Herbert proposed the idea. Tamar has been saying all season that she would not participate if Toni wasn’t willing to get in the studio with the rest of them.

    This is a big problem for Traci, who revealed that she’s ready to move from Maryland to Atlanta just to jumpstart her career and fulfill her dream of singing with her sisters. But the album could hit another roadblock as Toni announced that she’s decided to relocate to Los Angeles.

    Viewers who have been paying attention know that Toni has been reluctant to team up with Trina, Traci, Tamar and Towanda ever since she heard about the prospective project. While the Grammy Award-winning singer has agreed to do a few songs on the album, the fate of the Braxtons album still seemed to hang in the balance as the closing credits began to roll.

    That’s right, WE tv ended the season with a huge cliffhanger! Check it out when you watch the full season finale of "Braxton Family Values" below.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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