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    Chris Brown drops ‘Real Hip Hop S#!t 2′

    Chris Brown has the bedroom on the brain in his new video, "Real Hip Hop S#!t 2," the follow-up to "Real Hip Hop S#!t"

    In the video Chris roams the streets talking about all the things he loves about getting it in with various women. One line in particular might leave brown-skinned beauties a little heated, though.

    "This week Black girl, next week a Hispanic," he raps, before adding his affinity for the swirl. "Can’t forget the White girls. That’s right, girls/Get a White girl."

    Chris Brown X Hudson Mohawke – Real Hip Hop Shit #2 from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.


    Raven-Symoné talks weight-loss reaction


    Raven-Symoné doesn’t understand why people are going gaga for her now that she’s lost weight. In her humble opinion, she was always fly. 

    "I find it funny that people now come up to me and say, ‘Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous.’ I’m like, ‘I was beautiful before I lost weight. Egotistically speaking, I thought I was amazing,’" She told Vibe magazine. 

    Apparently, ABC Family agreed: They wanted Raven to be a little thicker for her starring role in the upcoming series, "State of Georgia," which premieres June 29.


    Michelle Obama visits ‘iCarly’

    Michelle Obama  seemed super-excited to get to work on her guest appearance for "iCarly."

    Michelle has just taped her cameo, and when the first lady dropped by the set of the Nickelodeon sitcom, she gave all of her co-stars big hugs. Hopefully the video below is proof enough to Sasha and Malia’s friends that Michelle is in fact going to pop in on the show.


    Samuel L. Jackson: ‘Go the f*ck to sleep’

    Samuel L. Jackson is voicing the bleary-eyed pleadings of parents who are trying to get their wound-up kids to bed.

    The Associated Press reports that Samuel narrated the audio book Go The F*ck To Sleep, a nursery rhyme for adults. The hardcover and audio versions of the book went on sale yesterday.


    Kelly Rowland drops sexy new single

    Kelly Rowland is ready for some more lovin’ in "Lay It On Me." Following the success of "Motivation," the singer teamed up with Big Sean for her hot new single.

    The tone of "Lay It On Me" is a bit more light-hearted than Kelly’s previous hit. Check out the piano-driven track below!


    Waka Flocka compares himself to Einstein

    Waka Flocka Flame thinks he’s a genius in every sense, not just lyrically.

    In a recent interview with HipHopWired.com, the rapper compared himself to Albert Einstein. "Even Einstein looked like a fool," Waka said of those who think he’s got no flow. "Why don’t you get in a booth. Let me see how genius you are."

    Yes, he really said that. If you’ve got to see it to believe it, check out the video.




    Alicia Keys shows MJB some love

    While celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut album in London, Alicia Keys offered a shout-out to fellow New York R&B songstress Mary J. Blige.

    The “Unbreakable” artist performed a version of MJB’s classic “Real Love” from Mary’s debut album What’s the 411?

    “She came out and she was from New York, too,” Alicia said to her audience, sharing that both she and Mary J. rocked a tomboyish style when they first hit the music scene.

    Watch the video.


    Jay-Z romanticizes his genre

    Jay-Z is an outspoken advocate of rap music. He’s even defended the use of the N-word by hip-hop artists to Oprah Winfrey.

    So it’s no big surprise that he has strong feelings about the genre and its worth in the music industry.

    “Rap is poetry. It’s thought-provoking, and it’s thought behind it, and there’s great writing in rap, as well,” he said while explaining what he wants readers to realize after reading his book, Decoded.

    “I want people to also take away the quick judgment. Listen to the song. Listen to its intent,” he said.

    Watch the video.


    Justin Timberlake ‘absolutely’ smokes pot

    Justin Timberlake admitted to Playboy magazine that, much like Rick James, he’s in love with Mary Jane. When asked if he occasionally smokes pot, the singer-actor said, "Absolutely."

    “The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking,” Justin explained. “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”

    We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. On his last tour, he added a little puff-puff-pass move to his performance of "Rock Your Body" while singing, "So you pass to the left, then sail to the right."




    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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