Meeka Claxton can’t avoid the drama

    Despite all the fisticuffs and drama from previous seasons, “Basketball Wives” newcomer Meeka Claxton said she was excited to join the show and meet all the cast members…except for one.

    “The only person I was hesitant about was Royce [Reed],” said Meeka who, as the wife of an NBA player, had a few preconceived ideas about the professional dancer and her relationships with the athletes. Now, she admits that was wrong.

    “I definitely don’t think it was fair of me to prejudge her,” said Meeka, who reports that the two have since mended fences.

    Although she looked forward to meeting the show’s stars, Meeka said tales of her practically begging to be on the show are exaggerated. A mutual friend of hers and Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal’s suggested she try out for the show.

    “She had been encouraging me since last season to go on,” Meeka said of her friend. “It wasn’t until this year that I finally said, ‘You know what. It would be cool. I think the world is ready for a wife to go on there.’

    “From there, she sent her my picture and everything. So, I was kind of confused about the whole [begging] thing,” said Meeka, who assumes Shaunie’s words were “twisted.” Either way, she’s not too fazed. “Who cares if people think I begged to be on her show. I wanted to show a different side.”

    However, Meeka has yet to offer viewers anything too different from the normal drama.

    “There’s no way to avoid it like an adult,” Meeka said. “My whole plan was to avoid drama. That was my plan—to stay away from it. It actually follows you. You can try to stay away from it, but things are brought back up,” said Meeka, who has already had minor run-ins with cast members Royce and Tami Roman.

    The show previews and rumors from the production sites suggest the bumping of heads will eventually become more literal and not just figurative.

    “I’m definitely human and I do lose my cool,” Meeka said when questioned about sneak peeks fans have seen of upcoming episodes. “A wise man learns from his mistakes,” she said, refusing to outright confirm that there was an altercation in Italy.

    “If anything like that did happen, I’m not hurt,” she said in reference to physical injuries.

    She did go on record to clear her name. “I am from the hood and all this, but I’m a grown woman now, and my intentions never were to go on “Basketball Wives” and make drama and sneak behind people’s backs,” she said.


    Although she’s repeatedly stated that what viewers are seeing isn’t the real her, Meeka said she’s not mad at the way she’s portrayed.

    “This is reality TV. It’s for entertainment, so it’s definitely doing its job,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



    Get more on Meeka in the September 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



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