‘The Boondocks’ returning for season 4

    Despite what you may have heard,  John Witherspoon said "The Boondocks" will be returning for a fourth season!

    Before season 3 of "The Boondocks" aired on Adult Swim, there were notices that it would be the cartoon’s swan song. And with over-the-top episodes like "The Booty Warrior" and "Pause", which lampooned Tyler Perry, it seemed that show creator, Aaron McGruder, was taking no prisoners since he presumably wasn’t coming back.

    John Witherspoon, who voices Granddad, was under the same impression.

    "They was telling me all the time, for the last six months, that it’s not coming back," the comedian said in a recent interview with Huntsville’s Hot 103.5.  "I talked to Aaron McGruder the other day; it’s coming back."

    And, according to John, the new season will be bigger and better than ever before. "They’re going to do 20 shows this time instead of 15," he revealed.

    John’s excited to get back in the booth to bring Granddad back to life because of the awesome compensation he got in comparison to the amount of work he actually did.

    "I wanted to come back," John admitted. "I was missing that money. That money is good. Easy money!"

    John could also be earning a few stacks from a possible fourth installment in the Friday franchise. How likely is it to happen? Find out below!



    — Sonya Eskridge




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